Tips for Better Gas Mileage


We all hate spending a fortune on gas, but to ease the pain here are a few easy tips on things you can do to get better gas mileage:

Keep your tires inflated correctly:

If tires are under inflated they put extra drag on your engine, so much so that you may lose up to 6% more gasoline.

Avoid high speeds:

Ease up on the lead foot! Slower speeds yield more miles per gallon.

Get regular tune-ups:

A complete tune-up, including new sparkplugs and ignition wires can save the average driver up to 175 gallons a year. Basic maintenance goes a long way!

Replace filters:

Check all pollution control devices regularly. A dirty air filter can cost you as much as 80 gallons of gasoline a year.

Don’t rev. your engine to warm up when its cold:

The automatic choke keeps your engine on an extra rich diet. Also, turn off the engine while you are waiting for someone. One minute of idiling uses more gasoline than it takes to restart your engine.

Drive with a steady foot:

Many drivers tap the gas pedal when they drive. tests prove that this can reduce fuel economy and when leaving a stoplight accelerate moderately.

Use your air conditioning sparingly:

Air conditioning uses almost a gallon and a half more gasoline in every tank fill.

We hope these tips helped. Give us a call for any services or questions you may have.

-Sunrise Automotive

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