Sunrise Save of the Month #1


Sunrise Save of the Month #1

Mike Foster from Mikes Carpet Cleaning Service has been coming to Sunrise Automotive for over 10 Years and has on a number of occasions provided challenges requiring pinpointed diagnosis.

Mike had an opportunity to purchase a Van for his Carpet Cleaning business at a considerable discount due to the previous owner struggling with multiple Repair facilities attempting to resolve a rough running/lack of power issues to no avail. “I have a great mechanic who always figures out how to solve my vehicle issues so I felt confident in my purchase” says Mike.

The Previous Owner had been dealing with this problem for over a year, going to multiple mechanics at various different Garages, he was told so many different things, he had been told the Van needed a possible Computer repair or the dreaded Electrical short/wiring repair or even major Engine work. He had become so frustrated that he finally decided after so much time and money lost on repair attempts, to cut his losses and buy something else.

“Due to the AAA Tool and equipment requirements, a lot of the Testing methods give us the ability to clarify even seemingly complex mechanical issues, and it doesn’t hurt when you take into consideration the amount of combined mechanical experience our facility possesses” stated Trevor Morris Lead Service Writer.

The Vehicle had an obvious isolated cylinder misfire, after confirming appropriate compression, and verified ignition pulse, and fuel injection signal coming from the ECM, it became clearly obvious that a bad fuel injector was at fault, once replaced the engine smoothed right out and all the power had returned.

“We are happy to hear that our customers have that much faith in our abilities, however we don’t recommend purchasing vehicles with mechanical problems hoping the problems cost less than the price difference of the vehicle purchased” stated Robert Anderson a Master Trouble Shoot Technician.

Mike has now been able to spend some money on upgrading his equipment and growing his business. “One less thing to worry about, especially in this Economy, although I knew I was in good hands and didn’t worry too much about it especially after they came up with my answer so quick” stated Mike.

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