Sunrise Automotive Repair Thu, 18 Sep 2014 21:41:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sunrise Automotive does Smog Checks Thu, 18 Sep 2014 21:41:45 +0000 Sunrise Automotive is certified by the state of California to do both Smog checks and smog check repairs.

AAA has given Sunrise Automotive 100% satisfaction rating Tue, 31 Jan 2012 17:31:13 +0000 1 Sunrise Save of the Month #1 Tue, 17 Aug 2010 12:56:57 +0000 Sunrise Save of the Month #1

Mike Foster from Mikes Carpet Cleaning Service has been coming to Sunrise Automotive for over 10 Years and has on a number of occasions provided challenges requiring pinpointed diagnosis.

Mike had an opportunity to purchase a Van for his Carpet Cleaning business at a considerable discount due to the previous owner struggling with multiple Repair facilities attempting to resolve a rough running/lack of power issues to no avail. “I have a great mechanic who always figures out how to solve my vehicle issues so I felt confident in my purchase” says Mike.

The Previous Owner had been dealing with this problem for over a year, going to multiple mechanics at various different Garages, he was told so many different things, he had been told the Van needed a possible Computer repair or the dreaded Electrical short/wiring repair or even major Engine work. He had become so frustrated that he finally decided after so much time and money lost on repair attempts, to cut his losses and buy something else.

“Due to the AAA Tool and equipment requirements, a lot of the Testing methods give us the ability to clarify even seemingly complex mechanical issues, and it doesn’t hurt when you take into consideration the amount of combined mechanical experience our facility possesses” stated Trevor Morris Lead Service Writer.

The Vehicle had an obvious isolated cylinder misfire, after confirming appropriate compression, and verified ignition pulse, and fuel injection signal coming from the ECM, it became clearly obvious that a bad fuel injector was at fault, once replaced the engine smoothed right out and all the power had returned.

“We are happy to hear that our customers have that much faith in our abilities, however we don’t recommend purchasing vehicles with mechanical problems hoping the problems cost less than the price difference of the vehicle purchased” stated Robert Anderson a Master Trouble Shoot Technician.

Mike has now been able to spend some money on upgrading his equipment and growing his business. “One less thing to worry about, especially in this Economy, although I knew I was in good hands and didn’t worry too much about it especially after they came up with my answer so quick” stated Mike.

Tips for Better Gas Mileage Tue, 27 Apr 2010 17:39:41 +0000 We all hate spending a fortune on gas, but to ease the pain here are a few easy tips on things you can do to get better gas mileage:

Keep your tires inflated correctly:

If tires are under inflated they put extra drag on your engine, so much so that you may lose up to 6% more gasoline.

Avoid high speeds:

Ease up on the lead foot! Slower speeds yield more miles per gallon.

Get regular tune-ups:

A complete tune-up, including new sparkplugs and ignition wires can save the average driver up to 175 gallons a year. Basic maintenance goes a long way!

Replace filters:

Check all pollution control devices regularly. A dirty air filter can cost you as much as 80 gallons of gasoline a year.

Don’t rev. your engine to warm up when its cold:

The automatic choke keeps your engine on an extra rich diet. Also, turn off the engine while you are waiting for someone. One minute of idiling uses more gasoline than it takes to restart your engine.

Drive with a steady foot:

Many drivers tap the gas pedal when they drive. tests prove that this can reduce fuel economy and when leaving a stoplight accelerate moderately.

Use your air conditioning sparingly:

Air conditioning uses almost a gallon and a half more gasoline in every tank fill.

We hope these tips helped. Give us a call for any services or questions you may have.

-Sunrise Automotive

Sunrise Automotive supports the Right to Repair! Sat, 24 Apr 2010 00:13:24 +0000 What is the right to repair act?

The Right to Repair Act would require car companies to provide full access at a reasonable cost to all service information, tools, computer codes and safety related bulletins needed to repair motor vehicles; thus leveling the playing field between dealerships and independent repair shops like Sunrise Automotive.

This basically means that dealerships will not be able to withold information from other repair shops forcing you to go to the dealer, pay higher labor rates, and have less options on where you should be able to take your vehicle.

“The Right to Repair Act is al about consumer choice, ensuring consumers have the right to choose where and by whom they have their vehicles repaired,” says Ray Pohlman, president of the Coalition for Auto REpair Equality. “Failure to pass this bill could mean that car owners are held hostage by the car companies, forced to return to the dealership even after the vehicle is out of warranty.”


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AAA Announces that Sunrise Automotive is the winner of the 2007-2009 Customer Service Award Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:14:35 +0000 Sunrise Autmotive has been awarded the 2007-2009 AAA Quality Service Award. Awarding them us for outstanding Quality and our commitment to customer service.

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Sunrise Automotive is now on Facebook! Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:11:55 +0000 Check us out on facebook. Leave us a review or browse more of our photos.


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A few nice reviews Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:10:38 +0000  

ANGELA HURTADO posted on 02/07/2008:

Michael Hill posted on 06/14/2008:
Best repair place ever honest and nice…finally a good trusting repair shop

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Sunrise Featured in Parts and People Magazine Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:07:43 +0000 Westminster, Calif.—Bob Burdick opened Sunrise Automotive with four bays in 1980 to service primarily domestic vehicles, including extended warranty work, current Co-Owner Robert Anderson said.

“I started working for Burdick in 1983 when I was only 16 years of age,” Anderson said. “Then in 1985, when I was only 18, Burdick decided to sell the shop, so I bought it.”

In 1980, ASE Certified Master Technician Bill Kajita also opened Horizon Automotive right next to Sunrise, Anderson said. “We’re in the same strip facility, but Horizon was a little larger with six bays, and there was no conflict because Horizon only serviced Japanese import vehicles.”

Anderson said as Sunrise grew, he hired current Co-Owner Trevor Morris in 1997 to do oil changes at minimum wage. “I taught Trevor everything I could, and after the first year, I reevaluated him; he was considered an R&R technician.”

After that, Morris said, he also started doing the office work, which nobody wanted to do. “I was happy to take on more responsibility, I just wanted more money, and I told Robert I’d do anything he needed me to do–clean toilets, whatever; just give me more money and I’ll do that.”

Then, in 1999, with Horizon Automotive thriving, Kajita took sick and ultimately had to have a heart transplant operation, Morris said. “Bill actually died on the operating table and they brought him back to life.”

So Anderson said he and Morris took care of Horizon while Kajita was recuperating. “We handled Bill’s customers as well as ours, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to work like before and could never repay us for all we did while he was sick,” Anderson said. “We struck a deal, and in 2000, Bill sold Horizon to me, so the shop never closed.”

Anderson said Morris continued working for him for several years, eventually becoming manager over both Sunrise and Horizon. “Then, in 2004 I decided to go into automotive teaching, so I sold the whole operation to Morris.”

Anderson said he taught for one year at Rio Hondo College in Whittier and two years at Cypress College in Cypress. “But I got tired of teaching, and in 2007 I came to Trevor looking for a job.”

Anderson’s timing was perfect. The shop was making plenty of money, Morris said, but he was doing nothing but working, and he needed help. “I realized that the things that I needed were kind of specialized, and I wondered how I was going to train someone to fill the hole that Robert left,” he said. “So I told him ‘I’m so glad you’re here; you would be the perfect candidate,’ and he laughed.”  
Morris said he struck a deal with Anderson to come in as a partner, which was an ideal situation. “When I came into the industry, I didn’t know anything, and Robert taught me everything his way, so we work very well together; my way of doing things is his way, and visa versa.”
To make things run even better, Morris said Kajita also came back to work for the shop three days a week. “Bill’s knowledge is way beyond anything I know, so for me I’m constantly reaching for his knowledge, and he helps our younger technicians a lot.”

In recent years, the shop has broadened its services from general repair and diagnostics to include tires, wheels, alignments, transmission work, and complete air-conditioning service and repair, Morris said. “We are doing a lot more condensers, compressors, even lines and fill valves, and on most jobs we like to do dryers and accumulators.”
Recharging R-12 and R-134a A/C systems, fan-speed control modules, and fan-speed solid state transistors are also among the late-model A/C work that Morris said was picking up.

“Just last week I did a vent blend motor on a 2005 Accord,” he said. “I also had to have our R-134a machine serviced, and I have been using a seal additive experimentally.”

The shop provides all of the tools needed, Morris said, including Robinair and OTC A/C evacuators and equipment. “Most of our guys also test and update their ASE certification, and Robert is always teaching; he can’t help it.”
While Morris said most of the shop’s business comes from repeat customers and word of mouth, he does participate in the AAA multipoint inspection programs.
“We also send out ‘$10 off’ post cards to specific targeted ZIP codes such as retirement communities, which has paid off pretty well in getting new customers, which we log into our Mitchell 1 invoice program,” he said.
As proof of Sunrise’s commitment to customer satisfaction, the shop won the AAA Quality Service Award for 2010. “I don’t want to diminish the award, but to me, we got it for just doing what we’re supposed to do,” Morris said.
“We don’t serve coffee, wash your car, or have a plush waiting room, but we don’t charge for it either,” he said. “But I answer the phone all day when I’m here, which is most of the day.”
“I think there is profit in all service-oriented industries, but if you don’t keep up, you can’t compete,” Anderson said. “I believe if I solve enough people’s problems, I can always make money.”

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